Zoom Meeting Data

The Goal: A company wants to gather data the understand how time staff are spending in meetings. The goal is to help managers understand how much of their budget is spent on meetings.

The Problem: Zoom reports aren’t granular enough to get accurate data. Some of it is skewed with extreme outliers or employees using it for personal meetings. Sure, this can be cleaned up by hand but who wants to do that every month?
Additionally, to grab info on individual meetings, you have to go to your list of meetings and click into each one. A huge timesuck!

The Solution: Access the data via API and put only the good data in a spreadsheet
Zoom’s API allows you to pull lists of meetings and then you can pull information on each of those meetings.
In doing so, you can access all the information you need to extract, filter, and add the data to a spreadsheet.

Bonus: Dump your data into Airtable and use their interfaces to create dashboards that can include things like a rolling 30 day meeting costs chart, a weekly average chart to track trends, and more.
If you have a ton of data, use Google Sheets + Looker Studio.

Double bonus: When setting up your automation, you can either dynamically pull salaries (if you have access and you have privacy protections in place) from a spreadsheet so that you can include the information for each individual meeting to calculate cost and get a summary for each individual.

The Result: Being able to easily see high level data patterns with charts, and being able to “Zoom” in and see patterns with individuals.